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Submitted by emil10001 on Fri, 11/19/2010 - 12:56

My cell phone just hit 6mbps down 1mbps up from my apartment. That is faster than my dorm connection was throughout college. It’s faster than what typical cable internet speeds were 5 years ago. And my phone is faster than desktops were (about) a decade ago. I just did some checking and found that my phone calculates pi to a million digits a bit faster than a 3GHz P4 processor (my phone does 0.5s with one algorithm, and 1.9s with another). However, I would not trust the results without doing a lot more digging.

Consider that people have their phones with them all of the time, and that many people now carry phones with the ability to access the web. Think about how much information you have access to 24 hours a day, compared to just a couple of years ago. Next year, phone processor speeds are going to double, again, and the major mobile providers are all going through significant network upgrades. Our phones are powerful enough now for most of us to do actual business work on. I wonder what will happen a couple of (tech) generations from now (5-10 years).

Update - I’ve been able to over-clock it to 1.7GHz.

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