27 Apr 2015, 09:50

Smashed Apple Watch


smashed apple watch

Image from Weibo

Some people have been reporting that their Apple Watch screens are breaking easily.

I cannot imagine that Apple didn’t both test this, and know that this was likely to happen. This is the sort of thing that will very quickly put a damper on enthusiasm for a new form factor. Apple has not been handling this particularly well either. I saw one guy quote Apple saying that it would cost him over $200 to repair.

I’ve knocked my Moto 360 more times than I can count, and not a scratch. I actually could not find any images of a 360 with a cracked screen.

I’m not bringing up the 360 to say that it’s better, so don’t buy the Apple Watch, rather that it’s possible to have a smartwatch that isn’t likely to have issues with the screen breaking. What’s more, traditional watches have been handling this case just fine for generations.

Anyways, if you are going to buy an Apple Watch, be careful with it!

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