20 Sep 2015, 20:54

Bed Upgrade


With a baby sharing our bed, the queen size was getting pretty cramped. We decided to upgrade. I had built our frame back when we were living in Boston, and it’s very sturdy. I decided that all I really needed to do was to create a platform that was the right size, using 2x4s, and that should be good enough. I was right, it worked out really well, and we continue to have a very solid bed. It only took about an hour and a half to swap out the slats.

The only problem is that with the extra space, I’ve been sleeping in an extra hour or two every morning. My morning workouts have taken a bit of a hit.

boards on the bed

mattress on the bed

finished bed


I probably should mention a couple of things. First, I bought the 2x4s at Home Depot, and had them all cut to length (76”). I was originally going to use 13 2x4s and plywood on top to create a flat surface for the memory foam mattress, but the saw for plywood was broken at Home Depot. Instead, I went with 20 2x4s, with about 12”-34” spacing in between. This ended up being less effort overall on my part.

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