20 Sep 2015, 20:55

Weekend of Food - 2


This past weekend was another good weekend for food. While I didn’t go all out like I did Labor Day weekend, I still managed a few nice things.

We had brunch, which was eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce, hash browns, and a home made buttermilk biscuit. I used the immersion cooker for the eggs. I made the hollandaise the hard way, with a whisk, and it came out really pretty good. I was happy that my efforts were rewarded.

I was in the mood for Buffalo wings this week, and since I live in California, I had to make my own. They came out ok, but not spectacular. I fried them on the stovetop, and used an IR thermometer to monitor the temperature. I think that I didn’t cook them long enough to get them really crispy. The sauce was good though, and they were still better than anything that I could get at a restaurant here.

Since I had bought the wings at Costco, I still had about 3lbs left, and decided to try the double fry method for the remainder. I fried them at 250ºF for 15 minutes, and then popped them in the freezer. That’s the first half, whenever I feel like wings again, I’ll pull them from the freezer and fry them at 400ºF until they’re crispy.

I roasted a pound of coffee, and made a batch of cold brew. That batch of beans came out a little too light, I cut the roast after the first crack, it was very bright when I used it for espresso.

For dessert, I had made home made buttermilk biscuits, and we had strawberry and blueberry short cake.

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