08 Sep 2015, 10:14

Eating Labor Day Weekend


This weekend was an amazing weekend for food at home. I didn’t grill at all, but we ate well. I’ll share a couple of the meals that I made, one from Friday night, and the other from Monday’s dinner. I did make pancakes somewhere in there, but forgot about grabbing a photo.

Endive Salad

chive oil chive oil

First up was Friday night’s dinner, a modified Warm Radicchio Salad, with endives instead of radicchio. The salad was topped with a freshly made chive oil.

endive salad

Fruit Cumble

I made a Simple Fruit Crumble for dessert on both Friday and Monday. Friday’s was berries, Monday’s was plums.

berry crumble

Squash Salad

squash salad

I made a Warm Squash Salad for dinner on Monday, again, using the chive oil.


Our friends brought us some homemade kebabs to go with Monday’s dinner.


Beet Risotto

The main course on Monday was Beet Risotto, which involved juicing a raw beet. Yes, everything in the kitchen was red after that.

beet risotto

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