20 Mar 2014, 18:11

AWS S3 utils for node.js


AWS S3 utils for node.js

I just published my first package on npm! It’s a helper for S3 that I wrote. It does three things, it lists your buckets, gets a URL pair with key, and deletes media upon request.

The URL pair is probably the most important, because this allows you to have clients that put things on S3 without those clients having any credentials. They can simply make a request to your sever for a URL pair, and then use those URLs to put the thing in your bucket, as well as a public GET URL, so that anyone can go get it out.

var s3Util = require('s3-utils');
var s3 = new s3Util('your_bucket');
var urlPair = s3.generateUrlPair(success);
    urlPair: {
        s3_key: "key",
        s3_put_url: "some_long_private_url",
        s3_get_url: "some_shorter_public_url"

Deleting media from your S3 bucket:

s3.deleteMedia(key, success);

Or just list your buckets:


I had previously written about using the AWS SDK for node.js here. It includes some information about making sure that you have the correct permissions set up on your S3 bucket, as well as how to PUT a file on S3 using the signed URL.

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