20 Sep 2013, 14:50

A different kind of app


A different kind of app

The Play Store is an interesting thing, it’s incredibly cheap to have a developer’s account (or two, whoops), there’s no review process to get your app approved in the store, so you could literally get something written, published and delivered within a few hours, if you were motivated to do so. Well, I’ve had this idea for a couple of months now, that I wanted to try out, sort of an experiment, I wanted to make an app for my wife that would take the place of a greeting card. So, I did!

I fell 4 u screenshot

It would be much more personal than a greeting card, since I’d be writing it for her, but it also felt a bit different. One thing about us is that we live across the country from our families. Whenever we’re together and there’s a birthday, or celebration where greeting cards are exchanged, they are usually passed around for everyone to look at. That’s much harder to do when you live ~2,500 miles away. We tend to do our sharing with family on Facebook, greeting cards don’t usually make the cut.

us 10 years ago screenshot

A couple of times, for anniversaries or birthdays, I’ve made greeting cards for her by hand, but this feels a bit different from that too. There’s a lot you can do with the tools that you have at your disposal these days. Sometimes, using them to put a smile on your wife’s face is the best thing that you can spend a couple of hours doing.

I wonder if, in the coming years, we’ll start seeing more of these types of apps pop up. I don’t think that I’ve seen any previously, though I’m sure that this is not a unique idea. I’m curious to know who else has done a project like this, published something that was more experimental than most other apps, or doesn’t really fit into the typical notions of what an app should be.

Here’s the app itself.

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