18 Aug 2017, 12:40

My Coffee Roasting Template and Notes



Photo stolen from Red City Roasters, my coffee roasting company!

Here’s a template doc that I use for my one of my roast profiles. (This is a lighter roast in terms of flavor profile, tuned to espresso. You may want to go lighter, shorter time, more acidic, for pour-over.)

Times are all relative, I have a timer that I restart at the beginning of each phase of the roast, as outlined in the doc. E.g., if I overshoot one phase, the overall roast time is lengthened. Temperatures are from my thermocouples that I’ve adjusted based on understanding the typical FC temp to be 392ºF. I use artisan in addition to this for tracking, but these notes tend to be much more useful for me to dial in my roasts. If you’re going to make adjustments to timing, I would suggest changing one phase by no more than 30s, and comparing. (+/- 10s in any given phase is a change that you may be able to taste.)

I based my template on the book “Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee”, which is short, concise and has lots of great info. I’d strongly recommend giving it a read if you’re into coffee roasting.

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