20 Jan 2015, 13:58

Baratza Coffee Grinder Repair


This weekend, I was preparing a batch of cold brew coffee in my Toddy, and I accidentally broke my grinder. The basket had filled up with grinds and backed up into the burrs. After spending hours cleaning the thing out, I was able to get it back to turning on, but was getting a very inconsistent, very coarse grind.

After doing some research, and looking on Baratza’s website, I found that one of the common problems is that one of the burr holders has these little tabs that are designed to break off in the event that things get jammed up, to protect the rest of the machine. All I needed to do was order the $4 replacement part, and pop it in. Now I have a working grinder again!

broken baratza grinder part

Bonus, I used this opportunity to adjust the default grind size from coarse to fine, so that I have my grinder more in the range that I want it in. Though, I might take it apart again, and set it to the middle setting, since my Rancilio Rocky is what I use for espresso.

For reference, here’s the troubleshooting page for Baratza:

And, here’s where to order replacement parts:

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